Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Digital screen network

The average Hollywood blockbuster opens on 300-plus screens across the UK; most independent films, restored classics, documentaries and foreign language films still struggle to reach over ten per cent of those screens.
This Is England Digital screening cuts the cost of releasing films (a digital copy costs around one tenth of a 35mm print). That's why UK Film Council (now BFI) and the Arts Council England created the Digital Screen Network – a £12 million investment to equip 240 screens in 210 cinemas across the UK with digital projection technology to give UK audiences much greater choice.
Cinemas in the network have already screened non-mainstream films including Control, This is England, Good Night and Good Luck and the Oscar®-winning The Lives of Others, as well as classics like Meet me in St Loius, The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca.
Digital Screen Network cinemas hosted the UK Film Council and BBC Two's Summer of British Films season - a sell out tour running from July to September 2007 featuring British classics such as Goldfinger, Brief Encounter, Billy Liar, Henry V, The Wicker Man, The Dam Busters and Withnail and I.

Revision Guide

Shot reverse shot, mid shot, long shot, close up, extreme close up, zolly, snoricam, zooming, steadicam, location context, over shoulder shot, full shot, birds eye view, crane, weather shot, oblique ange, low angle, two shot, eye level shot, tilt, medium close up, panning, wide shot, point of view, hand held, focus, shot framing, position.

Rapid cutting, pace, jump cuts, tension intercutting, final shot, eyeline match, action match, rule of thirds, dissolve,fade, cut away, 180 degree rule.

Diagetic, non-diagetic, dialogue, volume, pace, instrumentation.

Costume, lighting, make up, colour, dominant colour, symbolism, props, proxemics, setting, production, body movement, actors.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Collage

In my collage I have included various images which I feel represents me as a person.
One of the images which I have included is of 'The old pond' in Cheshunt. This is included in my collage as I have lived in Cheshunt ever since I was born, also included in my collage is a picture of Cheshunt school which I have attended for 6 years now.
In my collage there are a lot of football based pictures. Football plays a big part in my life as I have played for a local football team called 'East Herts' since the age of 7, I have had a season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur FC since I was 10 and I went to watch my first game when I was about 6 or 7.
I have also added photo's of my 2 favourite films; The Inbetweeners movie, and The Hangover. 
The background colour of my collage is also significant as the blue and red are the colours of which my football team, East Herts, play in.