Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Appleby Street- New script!!!

In the beginning Ben and Jacob go to Aimee’s house and knock on her door. The next time the camera is turned on they are walking to toward the fields discussing the party which will be at the bunker. The camera is turned on again and they are walking through the fields talking more about the party. Jacob then stops to pee while Aimee and Ben walk on. Jacob looks around with the camera still, hearing weird rustling noises, and then he hears Aimee scream. He then jogs in that direction and keeps looking behind. He then discovers Ben dead on the floor, he then hears Aimee scream again and carries on running, he trips over and hurts his ankle and then discovered that it was actually Aimee he tripped over, and she too is also dead. He then gets up and hobbles towards the bunker hoping there will be people there. Jacob then trips again and so the camera is on its side, then we see a mysterious figure walking towards the Jacob, the camera keeps turning itself on and off so each time the figure is closer and closer until it kneels down, Jacob is stabbed then we see the mysterious figure walk off, and carry the dead bodies with police sirens in the background.

This was our initial storyline, but due to the problems we occured with the camera shot/angles,we have chnaged this to suit our new roles with me as camerman.

New Plot:
Ben and Aimee meet and are on their way to a party but are running late. After various clips of them on their journey, and displaying that it is getting darker and later, they decide that they should take a shortcut in order to get to the party quicker to avoid being late.
They cut through a field (the short-cut) but Aimee stops to take a phonecall whilst Ben walks on. It is here where they get into trouble as Aimee hears a scream and discovers Ben dead. As she runs on she stumbles over and is unable to move, it is whilst she is on the floor that the Killer kills her also, before walking off as the camera follows him sideways on.

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