Thursday, 3 May 2012

Questions for our film opening

1. What is our films theme?Our films genre that we decided to go with is the horror genre, as we gathered from ourselves and friends that the most popular films for teenagers tend to be either horror films or comedies. Due to the fact that we believed it to be extremely hard to make a comedy, despite our obvious charm and knack for making people laugh, we decided that making a horror would be better suited to us and would be easier to keep good consistency in having the film in keeping with the genre and pleasing the audience

2. What are the mood progressions?
Through research, we saw that horror films openings dont tend to start sinister but instead find a way of smoothing in the sinister side of the film This is called 'Tension rolling', which we applied to our film because at the start of the film, where Ben and Aimee meet, they are, to some extent, in high spirits but they are certainly not worried at this moment in time. However, as the film progresses the emotions become more revealing, for example, at the shot reverse shot of the alley, the two characters faces symbolizes the slight anxiety they are consuming. Then finally, they get more anxious and the tension continues to rise, for example, when Aimee confronts the killer you can see the scared look upon her face. Also in our research we saw that we need to be effective in creating pathetic fallacy, that the weather reveals the mood of the characters/film. We applied this to our film because the start of the film it is reasonably light outside and then it gets dimmer with the moods getting more anxious, then finally, when Ben dies, it is pitch black to show an end of his night metaphorically speaking.

3.What location should each sequence have?
It starts at the top of the hill, then the journey will begin to the alley way were the anxiety starts. They then will go through one alley leading on to another alley. Then they will come out the second alley and approach the field as it is said to be a shortcut. Then finally they end their journey in the darken woods, were the killings will take place.

4.What statement should each location make towards the film premise?
First of all we are meeting at the top of the hill, because it represents the mood at the time because it is just a journey and there is no reason for anxiety or tension. But then we are continuously on the move to portray that time is passing, so they then next approach an Alley way. Then this portrays a sinister look to represent the theme of horror. So all the scenes have huge significance for the film, they all convey the emotions to the auidence. Also the represent the bad decisions bad by the characters which occur in most horrors for example in ours they go down an alley instead of the streets then they depart in are darken woods which only deems a negative outcome, and represents that this field is where the killers murders occur and that it will be a main location throughout the rest of the film so would be key to introduce the most important location in the opening minutes. Also the main plot has to be carried out in the woods as it is the best possible venue which we could freely use in our film to represent the theme of horror.

5.How should each set be lit?First of all the lighting is quite bright because we applied the effect of pathetic phallacy, so that the setting was sinister at the beginning to show a journey and how the journey continues to get severely more uncomfortable. Then the journey to the alley gets slightly dimmer. Then when we reach the alley the lighting gets considerably darker so thus is why we introduce a torch by picking it up on the way, for two reasons one to make it more realistic because if you cannot see we wouldn't know where we was going, but also to gain a better effect of the characters emotions by revealing the anxiousness on their faces. Then finally at the end of the film it is significantly dark, which works very well with the clip of the wound on my characters neck because the definition of the wound is a lot more revealing when it has a bright light on it.

6.What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?From our research we decided that to consume the props which were most popular, for example we used a mask and a knife, following the footsteps of the film "Halloween" as the character "Mike Myers" uses these props. But also The characters find a torch on the way of their journey so we can gain a better picture in the dark of the characters as the bloggie does not gain a great picture in the dark.

7.What do the characters wear?The character of the villain wears a mask and a jacket with a hood, so it does not reveal his face as then the auidence would see that i am the villain and my initial character. But also to portray a sinister image of the villain because every Villain needs to look severely sinister otherwise it does not carry out the theme what we are trying to reveal. Ben wheres normal teenage clothes in a jacket and chinos so the target auidence can connect with the character as that is what you would usually associate with an average day teenager. Aimee is wearing a jacket and jogging bottom which are half covered up by Hunter wellies, which also you would usually accociate with an average girl teenager. The reason why we have revealed Ben and Aimee like that is so t reflects our target auidence which will make them interested with our film.


  1. Last one for the moment, bt remember to add as much content illustrating your ideas as possible. The Chief Examiner is very explicit that he doesn't just want to see essays on blogs, go on, get it livened up!

  2. Oh, and check the spelling of 'fallacy' so it doesn't suggest it has anything to do with a penis. And please action these comments asap.