Friday, 11 May 2012

Evaluation Question: How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media product is based on a horror, involving two characters, one of which is a teenage male, the other a teenage female.
We portrayed two different types of social groups through these characters in our filming; age and gender.

To help represent age as a social group in our product, we developed the dialogue and the script based upon two teenagers on their way to a party, making the ridiculous decision of taking a shortcut through the dark woods. This not only highlights a stereotypical horror story line, but also displays the highly questionable thought process and actions of teenagers that are looked upon in Britain.

Also, through the use of our characters, we highlight age by using mise-en-scene. Most notably in the character of Ben, we used costume as a way of displaying the characters age and also gender as he is seen to be wearing typical clothing of a teenage boy in the modern day. This will help relate to some of our audience as they could relate to our teenage characters through not only their clothing but also their dialogue.

The social groups of age and gender can also be displayed through the dialogue of the two characters in our film.
We display a view of a typical female teenager at points in our film when Aimee is seen to be bossing Ben around and leading the way; thus satisfying the beliefs of a 'moody' 'bossy' teenage girl.
This is seen most obviously on their journey when Aimee says; "Yes. It's the only way!" This highlights the character as being bossy and the 'center of attention' in our film, portraying the idea of a stereotypical teenage girl. This is also displayed at the very start of the film as Ben is made to wait for her before they can leave, once again reiterating her need for attention and the dominance she has.

Another way in which we have presented age as a social group in our film is through the use of Cinematography, as we have used different camera angles that have created/displayed the teenagers in our footage.
Through the use of a close-up shot the viewer can quite clearly understand that these characters are of around the age of a teenager, and so therefore the audience are able to gain the perspective of which these characters are coming from, in terms of their actions in the film.
In addition, these types of shot allow the facial expressions of the characters to be highlighted to the audience, as well as their facial features etc. meaning it is made clearer as to which age group these characters solely represent.


  1. To develop you could consider a more detailed explanation of how you have used cinematography, editing, sound and mise-en-scene to represent your particular social group.

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