Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Roles and responsibilities

Director: Aimee: this means that she is in control of where the characters are positioned and were the setting shall take place.
Producer: Jacob: as I come up with the initial plot of the play and am adapting the plot due to my research.
Editor: Ben: this means that he is in charge of editing the piece post-filming. Although, it is hard to distinguish this role as me and Ben have both put in alot of hours into the editing.
Director of cinematography: Jacob: as I am the camera man so am responsible for the shots etc.
Lighting: Ben: this means if the lighting's bad, he will have to fix it to a suitable light and is also in charge of the torches to gain light.
Craft services: All of us.
Make up: Aimee: this means she's responsible for creating the wound on Bens neck when he dies.
Costume: All responsible for our own costumes.
Prop wrangler: Ben: he has to take care of the camera, torch, fake knife and the mask.
Transport manager: me and Ben walked or had to get lifts down to the location.
Cast: Ben as himself and as the killer and Aimee as herself.
Location manager: Aimee: because the place is near her house so she knows the most about the setting.
Continuity editor: Ben and Jacob: We made sure the process is consistent throughout, for example; the props will be introduced instead of poping up throughout the scene.
Set dresser: Jacob: I makes up the set, so it fits in with the scene.

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