Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Darkness in our filming

As you can see from this clip, it is unable to see well the footage and therfore we are limited in the effects we wished to portray. So for next time of filming we will bring a torch and shine it on the person in filming as then you can gain the full effect of the facial expressions whilst performing a "close up" or "head shot" but also we will be able to get a perfect "mid shot" as then we can gain great definition of the persons hesitation, backed up by the spooky dark woods so it creates a bittersweet image.
As our film genre is horror we need there to be tension rolling from the beggining of the film so that we can create suspense and tension, but do not introduce, or make it obvious, who the victims and villain are from the begging so that it is not too obvious what will happen, leaving the audience uninterested. Whereas if you introduce them differently, then start fitting in pieces for the auidence to try and work it out themselves, it will keep the auidence interested and also on the edge of their seats as they know there will be many times to expect the unexpected.

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