Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Vulnerable Victim and A Masked Killer

Through research, and mainly common knowledge, it is clear that most, if not all, good horror movies have a vulnerbale victim, led to their downfall through stupid, idiotic mistakes that the audience can most clearly see, and yet remain glued to their seat nonetheless.
We've tried to portray this type of victim, or in our case vicitms, through the use of dialogue, setting, and the storyline of our movie. Attempting to highlight the mistakes made by the characters through obvious downfalls in their characters and in their actions.

By filming in a dark forest for our setting, we have created the suspense typically associated with a horror movie due to the dark, scary background that the trees create when merged with the darkness in our clip,  hopefully creating a scene something similar to the picture on the right (although don't get your hopes up).
In using scenes similar to this, we tend to see the Villain come into their element, capitalising on the vulnerable victims obvious mistakes, creating the illusion that they seemed to have lured the victim in, when in actual fact this could have been easily avoided. Yet, this seems to be a repetitive feature in horror films, and still creates suspense for the audience because although they know the vicitms are destined for their doom, no one quite knows just when this will happen, more often than not cathching the viewers by surprise and maintaining the thrill of watching the movie, something we hope to emulate in the making of our film.

Also, in our film, we have gained inspiration from films such as 'Halloween' in which the killers identity is never revealed as they wear a trademark mask when carrying out their killings, leaving the audience with a clear idea of the plot of the killings as they can identify who the killer looks like wihtout actually knowing there true identity, leaving them thinking if they will ever be caught, or if the killer is also playing another character in the film, leaving them guessing on who the man behind the mask is.

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