Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Final script questions

Questions on Final script:

To establish the environment what I needed to do was:
 To use a torch, otherwise it was not clear to establish the environment in which we were in. Especially the nature for example trees, we could not see the surrounding unless we had a torch in our hand.

 Also to show establishing info: made it clear through the dialogue for example stating we were walking down the “alley” and then to show its scary the face expressions revealed the emotions.
 The significant eye lines are:

 When Ben die, he makes a huge grunting noise. In reaction Aimee shows a concerned and scared face and this is shown by the close up, which is in line with Aimee’s eye line. This shows that Aimee is desperately concerned, and shows the inevitability that she is also in danger.

 What kind of coverage we need to make our film more effective: Is a better camera because we cannot see the surroundings other than what is in the light source of the torch, so we could not put in a killing seen because in the dark an attack could not be established because the torch couldn’t require enough light to see both characters in action.

 We used composition to show relationships by:

The arrangement of characters, because it shows the character of Ben was far from heroic and impatient as when Aimee was on the phone Ben walked on and lead to his death. Also the relationship of the two was obvious to the viewer through use of dialogue, Aimee’s character was very demanding with quotes of yes “it’s the only way” and “wait a minute Ben”, whereas in contrast Ben was very many with quotes such as “ar you kidding me”

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