Sunday, 13 May 2012

Evaluation Question: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During the process of producing our film, I have learnt a lot about technologies through the use of the many different technologies reused in order to make our final product, this is technological convergence, as this is the use of different technologies contributing together to produce something. Sony Bloggie The main piece of technology which we used to create our film was of course our primary piece, the Sony Bloggie. The bloggie was the camera we used during our filming, and so I have had to learn quite a bit about this piece of technology throughout the producing of the film, especially in my role as camera man. Firstly, it became apparent from the start that unfortunately the sound quality on the camera is not great, and so we had to adapt to this in order to make our dialogue and plot clear to the audience. Also, although the camera records in high definition, due to the setting of our film, I found it extremely hard to try and make out the characters in the filming initially, and we experienced many problems due to the light balance, making it too hard to see the footage clearly. Because of this we were made to adapt our film to include the torch in our plot (hence the rather cheesy scene in which they miraculously find a torch turned on in the middle of an alley way). Although, despite the inclusion of the torch, the footage was still quite strenuous on the eyes at times. The video is saved on the bloggie via flash memory, making it easy and efficient to upload videos onto the Imacs we used as we simply had to plug in the Sony Bloggie and we could get started. iMac The iMac involved many features stored on it in which we used to create our film, most notably Final Cut Pro, and so therefore has been extremely useful in the editing stage of our film. The iMacs include numerous features which has been made even better by the fact that they have been easy and quick to load up and get to terms with the use of each one. Final Cut Pro Final Cut Pro is an editing application on the iMacs, which we used to edit our footage throughout all stages of the process. This technology does many different things in terms of editing, which we have used effectively in the editing phase of our film. Final cut pro has been used to; firstly decide which of the video clips we would use in our final piece of film, deciding which looks best and fits in well with other pieces of video. It was also used to add in pieces of sound into our footage, enabling us to include both non-diagetic sound (the background music for example), and diabetic sound (such as the birds tweeting effect). Also, the ability to include video transitions was another useful technique of Final cut pro, enabling us to use transitions such as the fade-in fade-out transitions in between different shots and even before and after the music starts and stops. In addition, the ability to involve effects via Final cut pro was extremely effective in the making of our final film, highlighted in the shot of Ben dead on the floor, in which we used the 'bad film' effect, giving the shot a unique look in comparison to the others. Finally, garage band was another technique used thanks to Final cut pro, allowing us to find and add in pieces of music or sound effects to develop the dialogue and plot of our footage. Websites Two of the sites we used in the making of our product was Youtube, and of course Blogger. Both of these sites had significant involvement in the developing if our film, allowing me to upload pieces of footage we have developed and also talk about the making of our film through our blogging process.

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  1. Thanks Jacob. This just leaves the prelim comparison I think. Really appreciate the efforts.