Sunday, 13 May 2012

Evaluation Question: How did you attract/address your audience?

Our films targeted audience was for teenagers of 15+ years of age, with no real specific gender (although as our film is a horror it is probably most suited to males). It seemed as though our film satisfied the needs of this specific audience, as the feedback we gained from our film evaluation day was mostly positive, with the majority of viewers being around this age bracket of teenagers. There was a number of ways in which we attempted to entice our targeted audience. Also, the fact that our characters were around a similar age did help us a lot as this allowed the audience to gain a better understanding of the plot of the film as they felt they could relate to the characters and gain a good perspective of there actions and how they would interpret the situations. Ways we attracted the audience: Characters Again, the characters portrayed in our film will attract the targeted audience as they are of a same age, letting most of the audience the benefit of being able to relate to the characters. Dialogue The use of dialogue in the fin is very laid back and said in a casual manner, something the teenage audience may be able to relate to as if they too are just talking to a friend, as shown in the film. The use of the way the characters tam to one another is very easy and free-flowing, and dialogue such as 'arrrrr', and, 'you're kidding me' sets the laid back tone of the characters, which also helps in the suspense building of the killing as it gives even more of a feel that the characters don't suspect a thing prior to the murders, highlighting their naivety. Clothing The clothing of the two characters will be noticed by the teenage audience as they are clothes of popular and familiar brands, clothes which perhaps the audience may even have themselves, and therefore give a sense of realism to the film, and is another way in which the audience are able to relate to the characters. Most notably in Ben's clothing, he is seen to be wearing fairly fashionable clothes and so encourage favouritism towards the character, and as a result, entice the viewers even more as they are intrigued towards the path of the character. Setting The setting is also another way of attracting our audience, due to it's gloomy and scary footage. Although not diverted towards our target audience in specific, the setting will help gain the attention of the audience as a whole because it is the type of setting typically associated to a horror, thanks to it's dark, mysterious nature. This will attract the audience as they will be favoured towards the film because it seems to be going along the right tracks in terms of creating a good horror movie. Background music In the opening of our footage (when introducing 'kwirk productions' and 'sphinx studios') we included both a loud and sharp backing sound and also a deep voiced introduction of one of the titles (done through garage band). In doing so, we created a sense of horror and tension before the footage had even begun, attracting our audience from the very start and allowing us to keep hold of their attention in the build up to the killing scenes. Also, closer to the build up of the killings, we included some tense, scary background music as a way of creating suspense and tension through these non-diagetic sounds. In doing so, we managed to attract the audience and get them to keep focus on the film as we created the thought that something of great importance was about to emerge.

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