Thursday, 3 May 2012

Questionnaire of latest update Part 4

I continued to ask the 10 people on what they think about our latest video, the ten people where our target audience of the age 15-25. To get a fair answer I asked 5 boys and 5 girls, so we got an average answer of the target audience and did not base our survey on strictly one gender.
Whether they think it suits the conventions of our genre? (horror) and why? And if yes could you give an example.

The 5 boys where:


Ben K




The 5 girls where:







Harry: Well at first it didn’t match up to your genre, as there was not enough viewing of the villain. The end music with the piano created suspense and made it fit in to your genre.

Holly: Yes because it contained what most horrors do, a villain a vulnerable girl and a killing. The music was scary at the end.

Rosie: Yes straight away because the “sphinx studies” noise was unexpected and from then on I was waiting for a killing scene and then you applied the killing scene. But would want one of them to die.

Lauren: Yes because it was inevitable that your character was going to die because he did not seem comfortable shown through expressions.

Jake: Not really because the lines like “I’m a doughnut” does not create suspense, it is too comical to be a horror.

Jess: Yes because your character was useless and it was inevitable that you was going to die. The music applied made it inevitable for example the “bird singing” on Aimee should it that she is dependent and when you die we know she was going to die.

Ben K: Yes especially the part where you two split up, it happens in every horror the idiots depart and both lead themselves into the villain, oh and the fact you was useless and it was inevitable you was going to die. (Cheers mate)

James: Yeah because you created suspense for example, at the very start with the “Sphinx Studios” made me jump.

Alex: Not that much, there wasn’t many parts of your film which made me jump.

Zara: Well I thought some part applied to the theme of your film, especially the ending when Ben died because the music matched it perfectly.

This survey was produced, so we can see what our target audience think the progression of the film is on, in terms of the conventions of our theme. That being horror theme. All participants gave us a helpful answer, regardless if it was a positive or negative answer because we can strive to progress so our film fits the needs of the conventions of horror. We gained mostly positive feedback, which can only be good as we are near the final stages of our film and to find out that we are on course, in terms of conventions of horror.

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