Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Results from Media open day Question 3

What do you think of the use of Editing?

For this question the audience were viewing our editing techniques, and they judged how well/effective we made them in our footage. Examples of editing include video transitions, video filters (both of which we edited using Final Cut Pro), and also soundtracks, such as the 'thunder roll', which we edited using Garage band. My favourite editing technique that we used was the 'Time lapse' shot, in which we filmed roughly an hours worth of footage and, using final cut pro, managed to scale that down into a 10 second clip. We done this by converting the rest of the shot on 'motion' to '3002%'. In doing this, we sped up the clip to give the effect that time was passing, and the viewing of the sky changing from light to dark created suspense and gave the impression that this was the turning point in our film in terms of events.

These are the results of the 74 participants we gained:
 52 positive answers
 9 negatives
 13 neutrals.

I am extremely happy with these results as these gave us a good idea of what we need to improve in our editing, but also gave us satisfaction that we seem to be doing a good job as most of our results were positive. In gaining these results and feedback we now know what we could do more to fulfill our audiences needs, enabling us the chance to improve our editing techniques next time around.

Example comments:
"i like the shot of the sky, to show times passing."
"i like the use of the transitions."
"the soundtracks used, are very effective."

and some negative comments:
"their were to many transitions."
"the sound levels were not appropriate."

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